Raytheon Marine Adds New Series Of Weather Receivers

A new series of automatic weather facsimile receivers has been added to Raytheon Marine Company's line of electronics for the commercial marine industry. The RAYFAX 1200 line includes four different models, each offering simple push-button operation and built-in facilities for unattended recording of weather and fisheries charts as well as high-speed news and data transmissions. All models deliver highdefinition prints on odorless, aluminized, 12-inch-wide recording paper.

Automatic recording is accomplished in response to standard start/stop tones transmitted by the f a c s i m i l e s t a t i o n s of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which covers most areas of the world with weather data transmitted day and night from more than 50 radio facsimile stations. The free service offers more than 800 topical weather charts, including wave height analysis and prognosis, forecasts of severe weather, sea ice condition charts, sea surface weather prognosis, sea surface temperature charts, tropical storm warnings and satellite cloud pictures. In addition, special information such as fisheries charts and daily news for mariners is also available. Special features of the RAYFAX 1200 models include a unique fine-tuning system with a built-in adapter for single sideband reception, and a built-in receiver with spot-frequency channel selection. Models are available with or without low-frequency channels for high-definition recording, and with or without high-speed scanning (240 rpm) for recording of news broadcasts.

All models are easily installed, requiring only a 110/220 VAC power input cable and a simple antenna wire. Additional information and complete specifications can be obtained from John Millard, Raytheon Marine Company, 676 Island Pond Road, Manchester, N.H. 03103.

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