Alden Data Sheet Lists Marine Weather Chart Transmitting Sites

Alden Electronic & Impulse Recording Equipment Co., Inc., is offering a new data sheet which lists the 32 worldwide radiofacsimile weather chart transmitter sites from which mariners can receive current marine weather charts for their particular cruising area. The list also contains the geographic area of coverage for each transmitter site, along with the various frequencies that can be used to receive charts. The data sheet describes how these marine weather charts can be obtained free by anyone who has a stable HF general communications receiver and an Alden 11 Marinefax Weather Chart Recorder. The Alden Marinefax Recorder is the most compact and least expensive marine weather chart recorder on the market today, and the only recorder of its type designed specifically for small commercial and pleasure craft.

The received charts provide surface analysis which show current weather patterns, weather progs that indicate future weather patterns on a 24- to 36-hour basis, extended progs that forecast fronts and systems two to five days ahead, wave analyses, sea temperature, and ice data. The data sheet is available free of charge by writing to Armand Bouchard, Dept. MR, Alden Electronic & Impulse Recording Equipment Co., Inc., Alden Research Center, Westboro, Mass. 01581.

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